woman rights

The Women Rights movement was an important time in history. It was when
woman got together and started protesting for equal right and woman
freedom. At that time woman weren’t allowed to vote, work, or make
decision for themselves. They were told who to marry, and
what to do. Woman weren’t allowed to work. They would stay home, and do
chores, while the men were out working.
Woman had to depend on men. Most women were told who to marry,
and divorcing wasn’t an option. Most time woman weren’t happy with their
partner, but there was nothing they can do. Some women were mistreated
by their partners. Things turn out really good after the Woman Right
movement. Thanks to the movement now all woman are free to dominate
their life.
In this picture you can see several women walking in the streets
holding a signs saying “Equality. The time is now; don’t be a clown take
woman seriously.” Judging by the way they are dressed you can tell it’s in the 1960’s. Going out in big groups demanding
change is a way of protesting. Women were being really brave turning
against the government. Us woman should really be grateful for what our
Kate Chopin most have had gone to a hard time being a writer at this
time. She would write story that kind of spoke about how woman were being
mistreated. She was doing something really dangerous. If she would’ve got
caught writing these story she would’ve gotten in really big
trouble. As you can see woman had it really difficult back then.
Thanks to them now woman can run the world, rule it.

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