Which made the League of Nation look weakest COLD WAR

Which made the League of Nations look weakest: the Anglo-German Naval Agreement, or the remilitarisation of the Rhineland
The Anglo-German Naval Agreement was the treaty that limited the German navy to 35% the size of the British navy. This agreement was willingly signed by Germany which Britain saw as a sign that Hitler’s intentions were peaceful; however the rest of the League of Nations weren’t convinced. Allowing Germany to build on their navy was against the Treaty of Versailles and this was showing that Britain was not intending on upholding on the Treaty’s decree. If Britain was to allow Germany to build on their navy, then it wouldn’t be a surprise if there was no resists or forms of rearmament. One of the results of this was that Britain did not discuss the Treaty with the League, which weakened the relationships between League members, causing the role of the treaty to become unproductive. The agreement did not only weaken relationships, it also weakened the Stresa Front, because of Britain not consulting with France and Italy about agreeing to Germany developing itself. Consequently the Germans were able to gain 800,000 ships, 47 U-boats and more than 2,000 aircraft all by 1938, without resistance. So the Anglo- German Naval Agreement had failed to limit Germany’s navy and this overall conveyed the League of Nations as weak, because it couldn’t establish compromises to deal with the main aim of restricting Germany’s navy.
The remilitarisation of the Rhineland was an event where Hitler managed to reverse the terms of the Treaty of Versailles. Hitler had proved to all his advisors and German generals that they were wrong and this made his position as a leader a lot stronger and more confident. By Hitler breaking the rule of the treaty and ordering 32,000 troops into the Rhineland, it was quick to caused concern between superpowers, as neither Britain, France nor the League of Nations decided to stand against Hitler. Subsequently this made the…

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