What is Literature

Literature Surrounding Us All
“What is literature?” Literature is defined as the written works, especially those considered of superior or enduring merit. Although literature can be defined, it has no single implication. Literature is a written language with its own set of rules and regulations, creating vivid images in a readers mind. Capturing one’s self to implore all of the world’s writings and novelties. Literature is much more than just written works and words; literature is a gateway to everyone around you and all that we have in common.
Literature – over centuries of time – has created countless different types of literary pieces. A large variety of writing has conformed from typical and plain types of writing. Today there are hundreds of styles and forms of literature whether it range from a small poem to an elaborate critique. Literature is both oral and written and each form has its limitations and merits.
Literature has the ability to sway and change moods, literature is meant to connect society in more ways than one. Words can express so much yet say so little at times within writings. Authors often prompt readers to take certain subjects into mind and use their Starling 2
personal beliefs and morals to elaborate on their readings. No matter the language, no matter the origin, literature has the capability to capture and compel an entire culture.
Literature with time can only develop; there is no end. Throughout all literature in the world, each conveys its own message and theme to the reader. With literature any emotion- any true feeling someone may have- can be expressed and ultimately impact a reader. Connecting societies and giving the ability to obtain real knowledge is a power than can never be surpassed. Literature is eternal and will always continue to interchange people and their beliefs.

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