Week 4 Team B

University of PhoenixCreative Intelligence and Leadership – Baderman Island Resort Baderman Island Resort is an all-inclusive German resort destination along the Kelsey River that features an array of restaurants, hotels, and activities for all to enjoy! The three featured hotels on the Island are the Baderman Main Hotel, The Tenney, and Melancon Convention Center and Hotel. Delicious dining and shopping can be found in the Meredith Visitor Center and all throughout the Island. Various activities are available at such places as the William C. Martin Botanical Gardens, Pepicello Fairways, Recreation Center, O’Dell Gallery of Fine Art, and the Baderman Island Oasis Spa. Originally founded in 1923 as the Baderman Family’s farm land, Baderman Island Resort has transformed into the slice of paradise that we have come to know today!
Baderman Island Resort has been owned and operated by the Boardman Management Group (BMG) since 2004. I, Isaac Elder along with my partner Lamar Norman, currently hold positions within BMG as part of the management team for the Resort. Based on the Creative Intelligence Profile I completed, I have analyzed my responses and I believe that I may have a great influence on innovation within the organization.
I prefer situations where I can introduce change through new and exciting ideas – which I come up with on a consistent basis. I am committed not only to the project, task, or idea that I am a part of, but also committed to getting results. I enjoy experimenting and trying new approaches to already existing issues. Having a broad prospective is important in my position because I must be open to innovative and original ideas, as well as working as a team. Many breakthroughs in organizations come via team groups that bring all of their various ideas to the table. This is not only empowering to the team members, but beneficial to the organization. I am also a very self-confident person, and believe that I am…

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