we r free

Yes, We Are Free
Hello, everyone! My name is Kevin and I am going to give a speech about freedom today.
At first What dose free mean? It means equal statuses in the same society. It is a kind of fairness that everyone is equal in front of law. People would not be lower position, they have their own rights and obligations to do things. People have the right to say what they have in their mind and do what they dream of doing. People can express their own thoughts to others, they can publish the book which is written by themselves, and they can vote for their candidate
On the other hand, freedom is not only the body’s release but also is the soar of soul. I divide the definition into two aspects: physical freedom and freedom of mind. Physical freedom may be you are not control by anyone,you can feel free to exercise your rights. The freedom of mind is not a thing that can be controlled by the law or other people, it is about yourself.
Freedom is very important in people’s lives. As independent individuals, we have freedom to control our own body and make arrangements for daily schedule. We are free to choose which shirt to wear in the closet; we are free to choose what kind of bread to eat; we are free to choose which book to read before bedtime; we are also free to go to the bathroom any time we want, so long as there is one. We are enjoying so much freedom even if we hardly notice.
Everyone is eager to freedom. But not everybody can deal with the freedom.
It is like a bird who want to fly higher than they think can not leave away their families,or like a baby who want to walk by himself,but he is too young to walk.It is said that there are not rules,we can not have a circle.
As we all known,mothers give us bodies and social gives us freedom.But
you should to see the prisoner around us.Do not they need free? We should value our time,love and so on,when they lost their freedom and admire us. Then you know you are very lucky. Sometimes…

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