The Wrestler

12 May 2014
Meaning of America in the Wrestler
 Darren Aronofsky’s “The Wrestler” starring Mickey Rourke is the story of an aging wrestler past his prime dealing with his inner demons and failures in his life. The movie tells the story of Randy “The Ram” Robinson a wrestler who was popular in the 1980’s, now dealing with poverty and loneliness. By day Randy works at a grocery where he unloads boxes that come off the trucks. While at night Randy wrestles in small venues trying to get as much money as he can get to get by. After having a heart attack and being told that he wouldn’t be able to wrestle again, Randy is forced question his life and reflect on his past. The film depicts Randy’s redemption as he tries to reconnect with his daughter and his love for a stripper name Pam. The film depicts Randy as man who abused his body for many years and how over time its take in its toll on his life. The Film shows how Randy abuses body in the ring with the physical stunts that he does and shows Randy’s pain within his personal life where he must deal his loneliness and failures. The Wrestler is a movie of a man who is forced to deal with disconnection and alienation and of his redemption. It’s an examination of a man who tries to follow his dream but has to deal to the harsh reality of failure.
              The Cinematography in the movie is done with handheld camera to create the sense of realism. The film itself feels as If we are watching a documentary of Randy’s life. We become observers as we examine and analyze Randy and his surroundings. It plays well with the film’s style in that we feel as though we are seeing into his life. The film also uses a lot of tracking shots and sequence shots. The camera mostly follows Randy as he walks through the wrestling world and in his personal life. We, the audience, move with Randy as he moves within the film and see the film through his eyes. The film also uses natural lighting as opposed to artificial lighting….

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