Assignment week 8 Assignment 4: Cloud computing
Dawit D. Haile
Dr. R Salman
CIS 500
February 28, 2014
Ericsson benefit from Amazon Web Services (AWS)According to Amazon’s Web Service website, it gives users the option to run just about everything using their service applications. By incorporating cloud computing, users are able to cut variable costs to a more attractive scale for the business by eliminating costly administrative and hardware fees. Due to remote access, Ericsson was able to immediately take advantage of AWS’s benefits since the infrastructure was already up and running. Demands change quickly and it’s important for a company to be able to adjust accordingly. By using the cloud system, Ericsson was able to employ software updates and new applications quickly and more effectively. AWS services hundreds of thousands of customers in more than 190 countries, making their global infrastructure far more expansive than competitors; this allowed Ericsson to have data centers in various parts of the world. According to information provided in the case study, Ericsson chose AWS because they felt it was “the most integrated public cloud provider in the Rightscale Cloud Management Platform (Rightscale)”.Ericsson was ready to immediately exploit Amazon’s assets. Amazon’s AWS has the ability to construct and deal with a worldwide framework to the scale Ericsson required to backing their business. This base as of recently being set up gives an expense funds profit. They could send new requisitions and robotized programming redesigns immediately on the grounds that they were fit to scale here and there as interest changed or the business obliged it. They could gain access to their cloud from anyplace because of the opportunity of remote access. The web administrations gave Ericsson an exceedingly solid, versatile, minimal effort framework stage with server farm areas in the U.S, Europe,…

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