Team work

Generally, individualized work is work that is completed by a person on his or her own. In education, much work in the past was completed in this manner. However, I find that more and more, group work is finding its way into the really progressive classroom. Students can be grouped in such a manner that those who are proficient can help youngsters who are not. Responsibilities are usually divided up. In some groups, different members will have a specific role: a scribe might record the answer the group is looking for. Someone else might be a reader. Someone else might watch the time and make sure the group is focused. In this way, students learn to work with others in a positive way; often it is the work of the team that produces the desired end result.
Although this kind of thing has been happening in business for some time, now in the classroom, students learn to work together and enjoy the less structured learning environment—where they may feel as if they aren’t doing work, they are actually still learning. In either situation—individualized work or team (group) work—the teacher (or organizer) moves around checking to make sure everyone is on-task, he/she watches the time, and finally, the leader allows time for whole-group discussion when the small groups break up and the large group “returns.” Teamwork is when a group of people with similar goals gets together to create an action plan that will ensure that the goal is met with success. Companies, businesses, and organizations use the word “teamwork” as a way to make the organization more cohesive and create a good bond among the members. This way, the work to be done will be shared and appreciated more once the goal is met.
Individual work is when you choose a goal to meet and create a plan of action that you will follow by yourself. You cannot call individual work anything that has required the aid of another person: That would still be teamwork. The main difference between teamwork and individual work,…

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