Suggestions for the improvement of the service life of the sand making machine

At present, because of the increasing amount of engineering with sand, natural sand mining operation of sand and gravel aggregate supply is hard to meet the demand of the market. Therefore, the mechanism of sand or artificial sand making industry rise gradually, and the whole engineering machinery technology of heavy mineral processing equipment and technological process of the research and improvement.
Sand making machine equipment service life, it is decided to improve the work efficiency and reduce the investment cost of the key. Sand making machine is necessary for routine maintenance, must be regularly get enough let sand making machine downtime, and regularly observed inside the wear situation of sand making machine, if there is any wear should be timely replacement or repair.
And how to extend the service life of the sand making machine(
) equipment? After many years of practical experience, summed up the article a few experience, and to share with you:
1. Check the vortex chamber before driving observe whether door is shut, to prevent the material from the vortex chamber to observe rushed out of the door, produce risk.
2. Check the impeller direction of rotation, from the mouth direction. Impeller should be counterclockwise rotation, otherwise the motor wiring should be adjusted.
3. The sand making machine equipment and transportation equipment startup sequence is: discharge to sand making machine, the feeding; Sand making machine must be on for no-load DaiZhi sand machine equipment functioning rear can feed. In contrast to the boot order stop order.
4. The material particles in strict accordance with the specified requirements, is greater than the specified material into the sand making machine equipment is forbidden, otherwise, will cause the impeller imbalance and excessive wear of impeller base to jam impeller passage and center into the feed tube, the sand making machine equipment can not work…

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