Students rights

Students Rights
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Student Rights
To: Mr. Lewis
CC: Self
Date: 2/28/14
Re: Recommendation
The purpose of this recommendation is for students in Texas being able to carry a gun on campus if they possess a valid Concealed Handgun License.
It is recommended that students be able to carry a gun on campus if they have their concealed gun handler’s permit. Some of the research shows that a couple other states have passed a law saying they can. Part of this project is surveying college students on campus asking if they should be allowed or not. There are several online articles about college campus shootings that will serve as examples.
Image 1Introduction
In Texas, a person with a Concealed Handgun License (CHL) has the right to carry a gun. To get a CHL one must take a (n) 8-10 hour class on gun safety. People also have to pass a background test to make sure they have no criminal history. Last but not least a person has to be able to shoot and hit a target from different distances. There are places that people cannot take a weapon even though they are trained to use it. College campuses, sporting events, and some restaurants in Texas will not allow patrons to carry it inside. Methods
Guns being allowed on College campuses have been a big debate over the years. Through many hours of research and a survey (30 people) I have found a lot of information on people’s opinion. The questions that were asked in the survey are what is your stance on civilians with handguns and should students be allowed to carry a handgun on college campus as long as they have their Concealed Handgun License (CHL)? WhyImage 2 Should students be…

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