speech outline

Speech outline
Marijuana is controversial
MJ is legalized in some states
MJ is a safe substance (medically)
No deaths have been reported from marijuana use
Money will be saved if marijuana is legalized
marijuana is used to help reduce and fight pain from chronic diseases like glaucoma, Alzheimer’s, seizures, and other illnesses
Mj is not a gateway drug
CO big bucks
Problems with money have emerged
loss of productivity
THC on metabolism usage
crime rates will increaseElements of Thought
1. Purpose: legalizing marijuana. “I will argue legalizing marijuana will benefit the economy, health, and society”.
2. Question at issue: Should we legalize marijuana? Yes? No?
3. Infomation: My information is infered from two articles. One against marijuana and the second for the legalizai of marijuana, which will state the pros and cons of marijuana usage on medical, society, and personal use.
4. Interpretation and inference: Data will be collected from both articles. As of right now, my date consist of scientific researchers and the views of other people.
5. Concepts: “Scientific research is clear marijuaa is addictive and its uses impact the body and mental functions” – Stimson ” marijuana is safe and non-addictive” – Stimson
6. Assumptions:
marijuana is legal In some states.
Marijuana is great for medical purposes
marijuana will raise tax revenues
marijuana is non addictive 7. Implications:
8. Point of View: We should legalize marijuana because it will give money to the government for use in greater purposes, help with medical illnesses, and may help reduce the drug wars in Mexico and the United States.

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