Sexual Appeal in Advertisement

There is a common phrase that goes “sex sells” which turns out to be very truthful. Advertisers manipulate this human drive and than offer their products as a path of love, beauty and desirability. The main purpose of advertising is to sell products as path of love beauty and desirability. The main purpose of advertising is to sell products and what advertisers must do to get people to buy these products is to make products desirable to the chosen target consumers. Perfume advertising are a large contributor to sex appeal. In the ad for Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue perfume, advertisers use sexual seduction and influence to sell their product. They use sex appeal to grab our attention and play with our fears and desires and they manipulate us by fulfilling our erotic fantasies and dreams. Advertisers use whatever they can to attract the reader. From a sexual appealing look to a word. One of the most helpful approaches is sex of course which can capture anyone’s attention. Everyone loves sex, and it is everywhere in our society. It’s on TV, magazines, radio, billboards, and basically anywhere you look. People can not get away from sex in advertising because so many companies use it. Sex in advertising is an effective technique that is used today. It helps companies successfully sell their product in our market. Of course it has to be directed at the right audience, and sold at the right places in order for it to work. Sex in advertising has been around for many years now. Sex in advertisement reflects the fantasy of their viewers man and woman. The commercial starts with a man wearing a white “bathing suit” (speedo) he is standing in a boat in the middle of the ocean. it seems to be in Italy due to the song that is playing in the course of the commercial. as the commercial goes on a beautiful blond female is shown in a two piece white bikini as well, she is laying down on the boat. the guy looks at her for a moment then he looks away and dive into the…

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