sep 11

Everyone has heard the story of four jet planes,hijacked by terrorists armed with box cutters, and flown into the world trade center and the pentagon.a story a man called Osama bin Laden had masterminded from caves in Afghanistan. this story Osama bin Laden had was made reality on september 11 2001. the world was shaken after this mans act of terrorism on the united states. its been 13 years since 9/11 and you can still see the effects it has made on the world.airport security has changed, immigration laws have changed, and people have changed. when the two planes hit our world trade center many events had followed including air travel laws, soon after 9/11 the aviation and transportation act was passed in congress. the airport security act makes it much harder to sneak explosives, bombs and weapons onto an aircraft, it makes it much more difficult to overthrow an airline as well. overall the act makes our aircraft much more safer by preventing our own aviation to be used against us in terrorism. the airline security makes it so in order to board an airline you need a specific id and the name on the id must match your ticket. this makes it much more difficult for passengers with a stolen ticket or fake identity to board an airline. the airline security act also states that passengers must have a much more complex search and screening before they board an airline. this includes removing shoes at checkpoints, no liquids above 3.4 ounces allowed on the airline, all bags and carry ons must be screened before entering. special items ie laptops must be pulled from luggage, jackets and all outerwear must be removed, enhanced pat downs and body scans screenings, which scan your whole body for foreign objects ( like knives or guns ext..). All of these added security features make it extremely difficult for terrorists to transport weapons and ammo onto an american airline, thus preventing terrorism on our planes. since the attack on the united states of america…

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