TALKING PAPER ONRM Hospital Change Group- Rocky Mountain area have encountered significant snow fall for the past 3 months. Due to the heavy snowfall and water run-off, the rural Hospital experienced 3 staff and patient falls in the last week due to the uneven concrete and deterioration of the walkways. The patient safety monitor requested a problem solving group to identify and come up with ideas to rectify the problem. Currently the hospital is involved in 3 lawsuits to the amount of 4 million dollars in bodily harm, pain and suffering- Successful implementation and sustainment of the safety problems will require a solving group requires the Hospital Executive staff to champion the changes that will fix the safety problems, spearhead the initiative, appoint the interdisciplinary change team and provide adequate resources, to include facility management, unit safety monitors, engineering, maintenance and nursing personnel.- The RM Hospital safety vision is for all staff members and patients to assist in creating the climate of safety throughout the hospital. The critical success factors are training and building a culture of safety by educating all staff members through town hall meetings, daily safety huddles: — Holding frontline leaders and managers accountable for safety change initiatives in their areas– Supporting and valuing contributions of the multidisciplinary change team– Enpowering hospital employees to go straight to Executive Staff if the problems are not fixed in a timely manner.- Outstanding safety awards to generate positive outcomes in behaviors:– New safety award display case to recognize outstanding performers– Monthly Safety award winners are nominated by any staff member and the forms are located next to the time clocks.– The executive staff will host a monthly safety award winner luncheon.- The multidisciplinary change team is integral to the success of the safety culture change…

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