Reflective Practice

Reflective skills :
The aims and objectives of this assignment are to reflect on my skills which I did during placement. I am going to use the Gibbs (1988) model of reflection to discuss, evaluate and critically analyse the knowledge that underpins an aspect of major nursing care. This is an iterative model, with six stopping points, which is very rewarding and it promotes qualities that help me to reflect and widely examine the importance of three clinical skills in nursing which are Intramuscular injection, hand washing and checking blood pressure.

During a supervised drug administration round, I administered an anti-sickness injection called cyclizine lactate on a patient after getting their consent .I used the intramascular injection technique and a 23g syringe because this seemed the most appropriate route because of the weight and size of the patient.
My mentor talked me through the stages of preparation of everything that I was going to use and this included a sharps box, cotton balls some saline and the patient’s drug card. She demonstrated on an orange using some expired injections and I had an opportunity to practice whilst she observed me.
I ensured the injection was valid , had correct label , correct contents and that the injection was sealed. After a successful preparation , I explained the reason for the injection administration to the patient and the possible side effects . After successfully administrating, we reviewed the whole skill .
I was feeling very nervous and anxious because I was not sure whether I was going to deliver a satisfactory outcome for this patient . However , I had some excitement in me because I was finally going to perform this skill on a patient . My mentor…

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