property rights

Personal, Real, and Intellectual Property
In 2012 the case of Julia Trigg Crawford vs. the Keystone XL oil pipeline highlighted eminent domain in the media once again. Crawford had to file suit against Keystone stating that the oil they wanted to pumps across her environmentally threatening. While the state of Texas has many pipelines, the Keystone XL has drew national attention because it would transport an especially dirty form of oil, a prospect that infuriates environmentalists and landowners alike Sadly the judge ruled against Crawford who stated she would appeal. It is important to know the rights you have as a property owner in a business and the reality that the government can use eminent domain to take that property away from you according to the law (My San Antonio, 2012).
In the case between Julia Trigg Crawford vs. the Keystone XL oil pipeline, the issue involves real property. Before the case can be made, we first have to understand the difference between the personal, real and intellectual properties. Real property is ownership of anything that is attached to real property (Cheeseman, 2013). Personal property is possessions that are moveable and they fall under two different categories. Animals are considered personal property along with jewelry and merchandise you would purchase in a mall. Intellectual property is the creation of an invention or idea that is developed by a person in which they created and only they have the right to change. In the dispute with the Keystone pipeline, the dispute is about real property. Crawford does not want the pipeline going across her land which has the potential to contaminate and leak oil and potentially destroy the environment. This case deals directly with real property. Keystone XL is trying to pursue the Eminent domain rules which is a means of bypassing her with court approval saying that the pipeline can benefit the general public and others with oil (Cheeseman, 2013).
Again, intellectual property…

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