Poor Communication

Poor Communication Paper

November 25, 2013Poor Communication Paper
This paper consists of two different cultures Asia and Africa. The topics are what cultural patterns, their social structure, how communication plays a role in each culture? In addition, what approaches or theories do you think would help resolve poor intercultural communication?
“How the study of intercultural communication has tried to answer the question, communication plays a role in each culture their social structure, diet, religion and medical care. “How do people understand one another when they do not share a common cultural experience?”
Cultural patterns “Today, living in multicultural societies within a global village, we all face the question every day. We now realize that issues of intercultural understanding are embedded in other complex questions: What kind of communication is needed by a pluralistic society to be both culturally diverse and unified in common goals? How does communication contribute to creating a climate of respect, not just tolerance, for diversity?”
African Americans term is generally refers to people descended from Africans whom did not come to the United States voluntarily. Africa cultural pattern are divided into great number of ethnic cultures. The continents culture has been of post-independence with recognition of the need to process education, requiring of an enabling environment.
It is difficult to talk of Asian culture that contains different countries as China, India, Japan and Thailand. The western world stereotypes Asia as the economic powerhouse of the world. The ethnic groups have adapted to mountains, deserts, grasslands, and forests. On the coasts of Asia, the ethnic groups have adopted various methods of harvest and transport.
Social Structure
Africa and Asia tradition and values are similar when dealing with technology but are…

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