Possible essays for Exam I:

A) What were three of the key weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation? Give an example of each and explain why it was a problem.
Three key weaknesses were Congress’s inability to enforce taxation. It could only ask the state’s to pay them. This prevented them from being able to pay the nations bills. Congress could also not raise an army; each state had their own. This meant that each state was left to create their own army. Finally, Congress could not regulate interstate commerce. Each state could trade with whoever it wanted whatever it wanted. These three rules allowed the states to act as individual units rather than a part of a country.

B) Was Salutary Neglect good or bad for the formation of American Democracy? Give at least three reasons why or why not.
Salutary Neglect was good for the formation of American Democracy. Because the English didn’t bother enforcing their policies, the colonies enjoyed more freedom than they would have normally. They developed their own forms of government and set their own laws. They were also in control of how they traded their goods. The colonies were not bound to the Mercantile system England and other European powers normally enforced on their colonies. Finally, the politics occurring in England did not generally affect the colonies. This helped keep the colonies religiously mixed and free.
C) How did the use of Implied Powers change the division of power that existed before their use? Was the effect to make states more or less powerful in relation to the federal government? WhyBefore the use of Implied Powers, state’s still had the majority of power compared to the national government. After its use the national government began and continues to expand. it was meant to make states less powerful in relation to the federal government.

D) What part of Article VI of the Constitution did states fear? Why? What two things did the national…

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