Overcrowding in Correctional Institutions

Overcrowding in Correctional InstitutionsAbstractThe correctional institutions are established for correction of behaviors by law offenders. The society expects that once an individual comes out of the correctional facility, he or she is a reformed person. In addition, these facilities are always expected to warn the law abiding citizens and deter them from committing a crime for fear of being incarcerated. However, the population in the correction facilities is contrary to this expectation. Over time, there is increased number of offenders. This comprises of the new offenders and the repeat offenders. This causes overcrowding in the correctional facilities which is a challenge to the society. The focus of this problem is the social effect of overcrowding to the judicial system and ways of addressing the challenge.
I. Overcrowding in Correctional Institutions
Crime is punishable for three reasons namely retribution, prevention and deterrence. The main purpose of incarcerating offenders is to stop them from repeating previous crimes they committed. Appraising the current American system using these standards, the deterrence category has failed miserably, insufficient in prevention and providing unsatisfactory retribution through detention. Attempts to deter released criminals who are convicted are dismissed by the recidivism’s high rate (Tish& Burbank, 2009). This is evident through the rising population of new offenders undeterred from crime. Many gangs and offenders recruit and carry out individual agendas, at the prisons as their headquarters. Some incarcerated criminals do not view prison as a punishment as they prefer being there. This attitude among serving offenders has led to overcrowding of the correctional facilities which has various negative impacts on society.
II. Problems of Overcrowding
The rapid increase of offenders convicted in the correctional institutions is overstretching the facilities…

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