Organizational Issues

WK 3: Organizational Issues Option 2
March 4, 2013WK 3: Organizational Issues Option 2
When it comes to ethics and making choices, everyone is different. People make choices and decisions based on many different factors. These factors can range from life experiences, the situation they are in, the socio-economic class they are in, or based on their everyday basic values.
During the inventory lens the factors that played important roles in the decision-making process were the everyday values of the people involved and the life experiences. Some other things that were taken into consideration when making some decisions were how the outcomes were going to be produced, how the people involved would be affected, and which resolution would best fit the problem. When taking all of these factors into consideration management needs to value their employees, their company, and their own self-development.
In both simulations the people that were affected were stakeholders to the company, employees of the company, and some management. This is because of the ethical issues that were at point. One ethical issue was that an employee took it upon himself to breach another employee’s at home computer after finding information from this employees’ blog about the company they both work for. The second ethical issue at hand during the simulation was how the company could develop a security program that provides employees physical safety and accommodates special needs for certain employees. Both of these issues were to be taken into consideration by management and handled as promptly as possible.
The steps that were taken in handling both situations were to analyze the information that was given, speak with other management to discuss options and employees involved, go over the outcomes of possible options that were on the board to be chosen, and then finally chose the best ethical option to benefit the company, and employees at hand. Management had to…

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