New System propsal

New System Proposal- 1
In order to ensure consistency of operations and quality control at Riordan, a common set of procedures has been developed for the management of receiving raw
Materials and tracking products during manufacturing. There will be a set of procedures from receiving raw materials, the use of the raw materials in the manufacturing of finished goods, and the final step of the shipping procedure. Following these set of procedures will help account for everything from raw materials to finished goods inventory.
Raw materials receiving- Raw materials will be received in the same area of the plant every time a shipment comes in. At the time the materials are received, the receiving manager or lead person will match the paper work to be signed with the shipment that has been received. Once the raw materials are correct and in good condition, the paper work can be filed by date in the proper filing cabinet.
Manufacturing with inventory- The raw materials inventory is counted on during manufacturing operations. The amount of raw materials used during each manufacturing run is documented on a materials usage form. From there, an inventory employee will enter the raw materials usage into the inventory system as they receive the forms. At the end of each day, the manufacturing team will submit a form to the inventory employee indicating the number of sub-assemblies and final products that were completed that day.
Final Product- Once the sales department receives the finished product, the orders for customers are filled and put into a billing and shipping system. Once the customers’ orders are filled, it can be entered into a system that will be used to keep track of order with billing and shipping information. Along with the billing and shipping information, a tracking number can be assigned so the customer, as well as the company, can keep track of where the product or products are, and when they will arrive.
Implementing these systems…

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