muslims and christians apwh

Kerida Alli 12/7/13
At the beginning of time, trading was viewed differently between Muslims and Christians. However as time went by both religions changed their views. Christians were against trade, whereas Muslims were favorable towards trade. As time went by Christian views swayed yet they went back to believing trading was a sin. On the other hand Muslims went from supporting trade to looking down upon merchants.
Christians viewed trading as a sin at first. Based on Jesus’ words it was hardly possible to be a rich man and enter heaven. However Muslims accepted trading. Muslims believed that it was ok to be a merchant as long as the person was fair. They were supportive of merchants at that time especially since the prophet Mohammad was a merchant himself.
Although Christians were against trade during earlier times, their views changed to being favorable towards trade. The Christians that were favorable towards trade could relate to the Muslims. This is because they both had the belief that trade was ok as long as merchants were fair. Yet both religions began to believe that merchants were sinners who were unfair and greedy. Merchants were looked down upon, because their main objective was to gain a profit.
In Document 6, letters between Italian merchants, (14th Century) can be seen supporting trade. This document written by Christians contains the letter of a mother to her son. The mothers son is a merchant therefore it is easy to see why she supports merchants. In this letter she states that it is okay to be a merchant, however she advises he son to be content with what will suffice. In Document 4 by Thomas Aquinas (1273), he states that everyone should be treated fairly. Thomas Aquinas believes that you should not do to one, what you would not uphold for yourself. Thomas Aquinas is a theologian who is against trade. As a theologian Thomas Aquinas states that selling something for more than it’s worth is sinful, which relates to…

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