Music Notes

>Time signature-simple, compound, changing
>Anacrusis (upbeat)>Regular/irregular (isometric/mutlimetric)Patterns & Features
>Polyrhythms, their effect-simple/complex
>Swing, straight, jazz>Syncopation
>Unusual figures- couplets, duplets etc.
>Main melody and note values vs. AccompanimentNote Values
>Unity, contrast, repetition>Long/short lengths- crotchets, semi-quavers etc.
>Dotted notes, swung notes, sustain, irregular patterns/consistency
>Pauses, rest valuesTempo
>Fast vs. slow- allegro, lento, moderato etc.
>Altering- accelerando, ritenuto, rubatoArticulation
>Accents (on main or off-beat?)
>Fade out
>VibratoPerformance Media
>Each layer
>Relationship between/interactionBeat/Pulse
>Regular, syncopated
>Strong and definite/weak and relaxed
>Back beatPhrasing
>4 bar>Extended
Dynamics/Expressive TechniquesHow is the instrument played>Stylistic indications- swing, electronic etc.
>Ornamentation>Description: dolce (sweetly), cantabile, tranquillo (calmly) etc.
>Instrumental techniques [mentioned below]Techniques/Effects
>Leggiero (played lightly) vs. Pessante (played heavily)
>Double stop (two notes played at once by a stringed instrument)Dynamics
>Volume- terraced (each section gradually getting louder/softer), forte, piano, mezzo piano etc.
>Crescendo, diminuendo, decrescendo
>Movement with pitch/textureArticulation
>Accents (on main or off-beat?)Electronic Manipulation
>Guitar pedal effects
>Wah wahNote Values
>Use of silence- pause, rests, highlighting, tension/resolution
TextureLevel of activity
>Sparse/dense, bare/cluttered

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