Mask Poor Communication

Mask Poor Communication
COM 200
Mr. Dan Tinianow Communication is what makes our life goes around. As human beings we would not be able to move, transport, or build a lot of our world without it. Communication is not only important, but without it, human life would be non-existent. We have to be able to communicate on a personnel level, both verbally and non-verbally. If there was no non-verbal communication, there would not be human reproduction. I believe good communication is the key to a good relationship. If we communicate well with the people in our lives, we will be able to better understand what the people around us want, need, and expect of us. Miscommunication happens all the time when two parties’ ideas or personalities do not combine. Some qualities that would help with miscommunication is being able to state your feelings, wants, needs, expectations, and being able to communicate interpersonally. I have had miscommunication with close family members a lot in life. My family and I have done different steps to make sure that miscommunication in our family did not happen as much.
Miscommunication with my family has happens a lot in my life. One time 20 family members came together for a vacation. I expected a little bit of miscommunication. When you divide those 20 people into 4 related families, you expect a decent amount of communication. After all, 4 of those people are brothers and sisters. On this vacation to Las Vegas, Nevada everyone was supposed to have fun. Of course some family members had other things on their mind other than celebrating the grandparent’s birthday in the great Las Vegas. The miscommunication started when we stepped off the plane. My brothers wanted to party all day and night. Even though we were in Las Vegas the plan was to celebrate our grandparent’s birthday. My brothers the first day did not go to the Hoover Dam. Instead they went to the casino in Caesars Palace. My mother was so upset and she let my brother’s…

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