Martin Luther King

A Freedom Fighter
Martin Luther King is one of the America’s most prominent civil rights activists and freedom fighters. Well known for his achievements in counter-segregation movement and racial equality, which were among the highly essential topics in American politics of 1960s, he was also successful in promoting civil freedoms in other areas.
One of the important elements of Luther’s success in his fight for freedom was the non-violent protest method he adopted from Mahatma Gandhi (McMahon, 2004). It took strategic thinking to understand the necessity of rejecting violence, which would have provoked more repressions and, consequently, more violence. His public campaigns, such as Montgomery Bus Boycott, March at Washington and others, directed at ending segregation, attracting attention to the problems that Afro-Americans had to face, economic inequality and other issues, proved to be exceptionally effective (Manheimer, 2004).
However, standing for the rights of ethnical minorities was not his only contribution to building democracy in the USA. Martin Luther King also strongly opposed war in Vietnam, which was one of the most disadvantageous and indecent political decisions in the history of America. Further combat for social welfare was marked by his campaign against poverty, which was a serious problem not only for Afro-Americans but for a lot of white people as well and turned them into “slaves” that barely could make ends meet. During his time he also founded a Southern Christian Leadership Conference, an organization that did a lot to institutionalize the protection of civil rights and social equality in the USA (Oates, 1993).
In addation this essay focused on Martin Luther King, his actions gained him a Nobel Peace Prize and turned him into one of the world’s icons of human rights protection. They served as a foundation for the upcoming equality promotion, which could have taken a completely different and, highly likely, violent form without…

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