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Bus 2210/3-002
Fundamentals of Marketing
Prof. Dave KernaghanBusiness Report for Midicotech Enterprises Chen Peng – 3038681
Scott Stephens – 3013429 With the development of society, computer plays a more and more important role in our daily life. The number of people who use computer increases every day. In such a situation, our team decides to organize a company named Midicotech (mini digital computer technologies) Enterprises to enter microcomputer business. Peng is responsible for finance and advertising, Scott is responsible for marketing research and sale management.
According to the market research, there are three market segments to serve in the PC market. They are Workhorse, Traveler, and Mercedes segments. The Workhorse segment is a largest segment that is looking for a computer that’s very easy to use for office workers. The customers want the low price, and after-sale service and support. The Traveler segment wants a practical computer to use on the road. Traveler customers are executives and sales people who travel a great deal. They want portable, their computer can link with other computers. They also want to low price. The Mercedes segment is looking for a high performance computer to use in engineering and manufacturing applications. Mercedes customers are willing to pay extra for the high performance. Compared to other segments, the workhorse segment is supposed to be perfect target market, it is the largest group of customers, and the customers’ needs are easier to be satisfied. The company can be profitable in a short-term period. However, the perfect target market means the fierce marketing competition. As a new organized company, we are not sure we can occupy a certain market share while making money. So we choose the Mercedes segment as our initial market target. We can pay more attention to produce our products, increasingly create the reputation of the company. In this period, our company…

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