literacy test

YEAR 8 LITERACY TEST QUESTION 1 Plurals.Write the plurals for each of the following nouns, in your book.
1. ape
2. half
3. leaf
4. tin
5. wife
6. family
7. ditch
8. thief
9. hero
10. foot
11. dish
12. tomato
13. mouse
14. potato
15. class
16. friend
17. child
18. man
19. woman
20. babyQUESTION 2 Pick the correct word
Write out the sentence using the correct word chosen from the bracketed words.
1. the ball went (threw, through) the window when Tom (threw, through) it.
2. I (thought, though, thort) she was in trouble.
3. I (no, know, now) you are happy.
4. Last week I (new, knew, nu) you were sad.
5. There is (now, know, no) way I’ll get a (new, knew, nu) walkman.
QUESTION 3 word skills
Use the words in the box below to answer the following questions.
a) Give one word from the list for each of the following clues;
i) plain to see ii) without difficulty iii) in place of
iv) a rounded shape v) a place to walk between rows of seats.b) find an antonym for each of these words.
i) quietly ii) reject iii) seldom iv) rare v) unclearc) find a synonym for each of these words.
i) ball ii) happen iii) usual iv) frequently v)possiblyQUESTION 4 The verbs are wrong!
Correct the verbs in each of the following sentences.a) Many people come to our picnic last year.
b)You done a terrible job on that chair.
c) We run out of lemonade early because of you.
d) I seen some old games we could use.
e) I have spoke to all my friends about the party.
f) What is you waiting forg) They have just gave me the job.
h) I seen a great movie last night.
i) Harry and Sam was really scared.
j) I said I done it yesterday but she didn’t believe me.QUESTION 2 Pick the right word.As you write out these sentences, select the correct word from the brackets.a) The student was (allowed/aloud) to leave school after he had been injured by a (peace/ piece) of aluminium.

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