List and describe the main forces in the macro-environment facing the fast-food industry.

List and describe the main forces in the macro-environment facing the fast-food industry.
The government has more control over service industry than manufacturing industry. Fast food industry lie under the service industry so they have to ensure that food they produce meet the standard or quality. Under the Food Safety Act, all food business must ensure that the food do not contain anything that could damage the health of the consumers. Moreover, the food must be advertised in a way that is not misleading to the consumers. As a result, fast food providers have to make higher quality standards with its supplier.
Recession have impact on food industries because most people chose to eat at home rather than having meal in restaurants. However, fast food industries have an increasing demand during this period because it turns out to be a better option for some people. Decreasing income make the customers to recap the bright side of fast food such as cheaper, higher energy compare to restaurant food for majority of the people. Employees in most fast food shops are trained by the companies because they do not need to handle some high level technology so except from managers and some senior employees, the fast food outlets tend to hire part-time employees which are cheaper and more flexible. Moreover, recession also bring cheap labour for the market since the financial crisis makes economic down (Aaronson & French, 2007). These two factors make the fast food industries exceptionally well during recession.
Fast food contains high energy as well as glycemia load which is seriously contributing to and increasing the rates of overweight and obesity (Rosenheck, 2007). Nowadays, there are more obesity children than before and consumption of fast food by children increased remarkably. Consequently, the fast food industries are making solutions to the problem to increase sales, in a way that they offer healthier and fresher meat by using better…

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