How to Successfully Exclude Crushing Production Line Jaw Crusher Failure

Jaw crusher is a vital crushing products , crushing production line may be the to start with crushing approach , has a huge role in failure troubles need to be paid distinctive interest . In each day manufacturing amid some failures will bump. Timely eliminated, to ensure that the jaw crusher to realize a smooth ..
Jaw crusher is a crucial crushing gear , crushing manufacturing line would be the first crushing process , features a enormous function in failure complications should really be paid special focus .
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In day-to-day production amongst some failures will bump. Timely removed, in order that the jaw crusher to achieve a smooth working, will we now have awareness. Ben Xiao Bian summarized while in the following :
one ) flywheel but moving jaw quit swinging
. Leads to : a thrust plate broken rod injury two 3 spring break ; .
Treatment : Change the thrust plate 1 2 three substitute spring rod fix ..
two ) loose tooth plate , producing metal crash
Purpose: fixed tooth plate screws or loose or loose side in the wedge ;
Treatment: Tighten or exchange screws or side with the wedge .
3 ) jaw crusher bearing temperature
. Causes : a lack of Grease two Grease 3 bearing clearance isn’t suitable for dirty or undesirable make contact with bearings four bearing harm ; ..
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Treatment : one two immediately after adding the proper level of grease to clean bearings, change the bearing grease three with shims to alter the tightness or trimming bearing, 4 -watt substitute bearings .
four ) Product coarsening
Motive: the lower tooth plate significant put on ;
Remedy: U-turn or adjust the tooth plate nesting population .
five ) to produce thrust plate bearing pad crash
. Brings about : a spring tension lower than two bearing pads worn or loose ; .
Remedy : an adjustment or substitute from the spring force in the spring bearing seat fastening or corrected .
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