How to configure the granite crushing production line

With the rise of mechanism sand to river gravel, granite, limestone and other raw materials for stone crushing production line have sprung up across the country. However , granite crushing production line how to configure the highest price itThe difference is that with limestone , granite hardness of the larger, more difficult broken, and would hammer crusher serious wear and tear , therefore, granite crushing process to design reasonable , as far as possible to reduce investment costs and operating costs .
granite crusher:
limestone crusher:
aggregate process line:
For now, use more + impact crusher jaw broken jaw broken or cone crusher + impact + break selection program, but wear and tear on the back-breaking granite hammer is very serious , many owners could not afford such a huge and easy damaged parts wear expenses , and only as a cone break in pieces and equipment, three stage crushing inevitably bring high operating costs.
sand production line:
sand maker plant:
Of course , the most important thing is granite crusher equipment of choice, in fact , there has been a short- sand flow process, that jaw broken + Sand selection scheme in Germany , on the one hand to solve the problem of serious wear and tear of wearing parts On the other hand , two-stage crushing process and the advantages of high capacity crusher Germany , but also greatly reduces operating costs , which is currently the most cost-effective granite crushing production line selection program .
It is worth mentioning that the above mentioned German Sand refers Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Company and a joint German -known Sand manufacturers in China to promote the German original…

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