How easy was it to develop a solution using SAP ERP software Explain your answer.

The solution developed by SAP ERP software for BSE was not easy as they did not want to make a drastic change for the entire company. In doing so, customization and data cleansing was the bulk of the extra charges since they had not expected so much work By the late 1990s, however, sales of ERP systems began to slow. Some large manufacturers encountered problems implementing the systems, and others felt that ERP did not live up to its billing as a planning tool. Larger economic factors also influenced sales of ERP systems. For example, many companies developed close relationships with customers and suppliers and began conducting business over the World Wide Web. In addition, a growing number of companies came to value the speed and flexibility of smaller, interconnected computer systems and no longer wanted to rely on a mainframe to run ERP software. In response to these issues, the vendors of ERP systems have evolved to focus on smaller companies, develop Web-enabled systems, and expand their offerings up and down the supply chain.
Once the SAP ERP software had been implanted, BSE was able to take advantage of all the different lines of business and integration that they were provided such as e-commerce, online credit card processing and special pricing agreements. These new changes also helped to structure the company in such a way that more employees could be used for sales and less for accounting. Warehouse costs when down by 1 percent, deliver costs down by .5 percent, and total overhead declined by 1.5 percent. All-in-all, the ROI came into about 3.3 million dollars per year between 1998 and 2006.
On-demand competitors of similar software scope include NetSuite, Salesforcecom teamed with AppExchange partner, Intacct and WorkDay and possibly Zoho for the small business market. Primary on premise competitors include Sage and Microsoft Dynamics CRM along with any of its four ERP lines AX, Nav, GP and SL, although these competitive…

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