Hotel Rwanda

In the film Hotel Rwanda one of the main characters is Paul Rusesabagina. Paul is a hotel manager who uses his skills as a businessman and his love of family to save the lives of 1,268 people during the Rwandan genocide in 1994. I think that I am most like Paul. Paul is a person whose character evolves constantly during that crisis. He starts off being very concerned about his family, but ends up wanting to help others.
Now is Paul Resesabagina in a Teflon cocoon, or are is he immersed in the human ecology? The answer to the question is very clear at the end of his great journey, but it takes multiple experiences for it to happen. A character that constantly changes through the film slowly emerges in the human ecology.
Towards the beginning of the movie, Paul must bribe people to ensure his hotel runs smoothly and steady for his very wealthy guest. Some people Paul bribes are a local businessman who supplies the hotel with the finest liquor and excellent food. Another person is a general who protects his guest and business of the hotel. The reason behind all of Paul’s actions is that he wants to provide a wonderful life for his family by being successful as a hotel manager. Later in the movie, Paul’s reasoning for bribing these men changes. He hides many Tutsi refugees in the hotel that he manages and must bribe the local businessman and general in order to save the refugees from the genocidal massacre underway.
During the time of the massacre, Paul Rusesabagina undergoes a psychological change that enables him to save people from certain death. Paul must going through extraordinary situations, even harming and dangerous situations. When the massacre begins, hotel guest and local Rwanda citizens are launched in to a panic. People do not what to do or where to go. But Paul is their savior. He expands in the human ecology. Colonel Oliver is a United Nations military officer and a friend to Paul who Paul turns to for help in this situation. Colonel…

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