High performance green sand making machine equipment

High performance green sand making machine equipment is the main tendency for customer selection
System sand machine is present in the sand process is most commonly used, the most efficient system sand equipment, can be large stones, stones, HeLuanShi pebbles, products made from sand, known as the mechanism of sand, can be widely applied to highway, railway, high-rise buildings and other infrastructure construction.
Sand making machine is a kind of mine crushing modified product of machine, sand making machine is a hammer crusher, impact crusher, rod milling type sand making machine of new product technology developed. New sand making machine, improve the internal structure of the internal structure of sand making machine to re adjust the sand making machine(http://www.sandmakingmachineshaft.org/) operation more safety, more stable, to a new level in production efficiency and environmental protection level, the equipment to achieve the most perfect.
Our company is a professional system sand making machine equipment manufacturers, for customers to build a green sand production line of new. New system sand production line in the production process, the first stone preliminary broken into a coarse material by crushing machine, and then the coarse material by belt conveyer to the finely machine for further broken, after the stone into the vibrating fine screen gives two stones, satisfy the stone sand machine sand particle size of feed system sand machine the other part, automatically return to the crusher for crushing machine, sand stones are made into a part of sand, finished products made from sand washing sand washing machine. New system sand production line a high degree of automation equipment, low operation cost, the broken rate is high, energy saving and environmental protection, high yield, less pollution, easy to repair, the mechanism of sand production in line with national standards for construction sand, uniform particle size, particle shape,…

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