Handling Uneven Granularity and Commissioning of Jaw Crusher

As is well known,jaw crusher is widely used in stone production line,because of its high crushing ratio and even granularity.However jaw crusher appears the uneven grained products,How to solve the uneven granularity problem?Fote technicians analysis the jaw crusher problem from following aspects:1:displacement of jaw plate may cause the gear against the addendum,we can solve it by adjusting the jaw plate.2:There is a big gap between movable jaw and bearing for the reason of abrasion,which makes the bearing rotate relatively.we should change the jaw crusher bearing or movable jaw,so as to reduce the big gap.3:Jaw crusher Outlet specification is lower than the prescribed limitation, adjust the Outlet to solve the problem,the details steps include gasket adjustment,hydraulic adjustment or supporting device adjustment.Jaw crusher is the most widely used primary stone crusher in modern mining and construction industry,Fote compnay recommends you the regulations in jaw crusher commissioning.1 Jaw crusher operator should be familiar with the structure performance and operation specification.2 Do the preparation before starting jaw crusher,conduct a comprehensive inspection,check connecting bolts whether there are loose phenomenon;Tighten the elastic spring appropriately;Fulfil lubricant in each roller skating system ;guarantee nothing in crushing cavity and Pay attention to the abrasion of jaw plate etc.3 Adjust outlet according to the regulation, check all kinds of related electrical equipment and make sure jaw crusher protection measures.4 Must be started non-load for 1-2 minutes,jaw crusher can be fed raw materials after normal run.Fote Machinery lays much emphasis on the machine quality and service for clients. We provides with good quality, and we believe that quality is the best way to develop market. Thank you!
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