Fluorite Powder Ball Press Machine for Material Requirement

We all know that the ore powder ball press machine is suitable for pelleting various materials such as cold pressing coke, coal briquette, coal briquette for civilian use, refractory and pharmacy in production lines with a certain production scale. After many years of use and improvement in the industrial community, compared with other products of the same type, ore powder ball press machine has many clear advantages such as high pelleting rate, low power consumption, compact structure and convenient examination and debugging. BUT have you realized the fluorite powder ball press machine? And how about the requirments for moulding materials of this type ore powder ball press machine
Fluorite powder ball press machine has the strong ability of production, the machine after many years of industrial use and improved compared with other similar products, this series high pressure ball machine successful rate, low power consumption, compact structure, convenient maintenance and debugging and so on obvious advantages, magnesium smelting process was numerically simulated with no doubt is the key to a kind of ideal equipment.
Fluorite powder ball press machine for fluorite powder, mineral powder, metal powder, coal powder, coke powder and other materials are pressing, molding. Of roll force on the extrusion, so that the product has high density, high strength, high hardness, high characteristic, and the machine roller adopts 650 mn hard material, has good wear resistance. Effectively improve the service life of the roller. Fluorite powder ball press machine of molding material requirements are as follows:1, in 80-200 mesh material particle size and so on.2, are not allowed to have any metal in the material, otherwise will damage the surface of the skin.3, feeding must meet, such as ball rate is guaranteed.Need to remind the user is in the metal mineral powder ball is formed, the roller wear leather is better, users in the purchase of fluorite…

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