Experiment No: 1
Introduction to ExperimentationObjective: To familiarize the student with some of the Logic of ResearchIntroduction:Apparatus: Pencil and paper, Timer with second handProcedure: Results: Each E draws a graph of his five and his four estimates. The achievement scores
are average for the entire group and plotted on the graph.Discussion: What can be concluded on about the graph? Generally, we expect a rising
achievement curve. What is the cause of the rise? For discussion purpose E can
suggest that the rise is due to practice.Why is this not a legitimate conclusionIs the task a suitable from which to draw any conclusions about personality
factors? The graph curve will normally be a smooth one. What is the slopeNegative or positive acceleration?
How do individual curve compare with group curveExperiment No: 3a
Word Association TestObjectives 1. To determine which type of association test will elicits a shorter reaction time,
the free association test or the partially controlled association test 2. To determine which type of association test will elicit more response word, the
free association test or the partially controlled association testIntroduction Discuss word association test. Differentiate between free association and
controlled associationApparatus Watch with sweep second hand, four association test Set I….Free association test consisting of 55 stimulus Set II…Free Association word test consisting of 15 stimulus words Set III…Partially controlled continuous association test consisting of 5 stimulus
words Set IV…partially controlled (synonyms) test consisting of 20 stimulus words Divide the class into group of three students each. Each member of the group
takes turns at being the experiment. The recorder and the subject administer the
four sets of words association test to the subject in the following manner.Procedure For…

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