english gcse

The built environment attempts to make everything which is built comfortable with space in which people can live and work in. When a building is being built or when complete, it is the responsibility of the designer to predict the optimum conditions that will achieve this objective. As building such as houses and work places will be used by different aged people, different genders and different physical wellbeing, it will be impossible to cater for all, however if there is a hospital being built, then that will be easier because most of the people in there will need the building to be warm and well heated. Work buildings would also need to be heated at the right temperature because you don’t want the workers to be too cold or too warm as it can distract them while they work. Different lighting will also be needed depending on the use of the building, for example a shop which fixes jeweler will need better lighting so the jeweler can concentrate on what they are doing and will be able to see clearly and it will be bright. You need to take thermal factors and personal factors into consideration.
When creating a plan for a new building, for example a house, you need to take into consideration the thermal factors. This is the amount of heat or the lack of heat which will be able to enter each room. If there is too much heat or too little heat able to reach a room, then this could make it uncomfortable for the person who’s going to live there. This would be a personal factor. Personal factors can be influenced by human behavior, for example, the amount of clothes you are wearing. The amount of clothes you are wearing will generate more heat around you and you may feel too hot in a room if you have too many layers, however it may be too cold therefore the person living there does have to add more layers on to generate heat. When planning to build, you need to make sure that there is enough heat but not too much so the person living…

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