Rock vs Pop
Pop music is a genre of music that is often regarded as the softer alternative to rock. It constitutes the type of songs that are relatively short and aimed at commercial recording. The main audience for pop music is the youth market although it usually cuts across age sometimes, given that this type of music constitutes relatively short love songs with a straight message that identifies with the ups and downs common in relationships of all type. Whereas rock music has got a lot of sub genres, pop music’s basic elements have fairly remained unchanged for some time now although it has on a small scale been influenced by other popular music genres.
Pop music gives it’s listeners a notably different sound from rock. Pop involves more singing and vocal
Expression, with a danceable beat to it and it comes as no surprise that pop songs are one of the best songs
to learn dancing with. Rock on the other hand is an expression of emotions through instruments so vocals
Matter less. But that may be another reason tock has got many sub genres because there’s a variety of
Ways to express emotions through instruments. Sub genres of rock like classic rock, hard, alternative,
Indie and soft, rock are all ways of expression of emotions using metals.
In short Pop music is kind of music that focuses on catchy sing along hooks, Michael Jackson started or music on mainstream radio or targeted for mainstream radio focusing more on vocals than the actual music.
Rock music is a type of music that is made with guitar, bass, drums and sometimes more instruments.Summary;
1. Pop music focuses on vocals and beat while rock focuses mainly on instruments like bass and guitar.
2. Pop music’s basic elements have not evolved much like rock which has evolved into sub genres.
3. Rock identifies with a particular subculture while pop tends to cut across audiences.
4. Rock music is made often by a group each playing a particular instrument whereas pop can be by a…

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