Dreams and goals in life

Dreams and goals in life
Dreams are a way for us to get creative and they are important for us to be able to think freely. Dreams have no boundaries and they make us feel good. They don’t force us to do something and they most often do not become reality. But they are still important for us to be able to reach our goals.
It’s important that you know the difference between dreams and goals. Dreams are something big and unreachable like peace on earth or no environmental problems, while goals are smaller things like to get a job or take a pause from work to do something you love or maybe move to a nicer neighborhood.
A friend of mine and I often just gets out of our heads when we talk about what we would do if we won a big amount of money and become financially independent. How we wound drive all the fancy cars and fly private jets and buy houses all over the world, and that’s really fun even if it will never happen. I think it’s important to keep the dreams alive, you just get happy when you take the chance to dream away for a bit.
I think most of us have similar big dreams, for example to get really rich and travel around and see all the beautiful countries in the world or maybe to become a celebrity. The goals in life we have are a little more personal and are different from people to people. Some goals may seem to be far away, but if you take one step at a time they will get closer every step. I myself have some small goals like to get a full time job when i graduate and move to my own apartment. After that I would like to travel a little bit or maybe live abroad for a while but that’s all the goals I have for now and I hope I will get there
And like I said, dreams are important for us to be able to reach our goals.

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