Do ghosts exists

Do Ghosts Really Exist in Our World Today
“The nebulous form of a blonde-haired woman has appeared on the spiral staircase in this saloon so many times that patron named her ‘Lena.’ Lena ghost has also appeared in front of the wall across from the bar. Also, the apparition of an old prospector has materializes on one of the stools at the end of the bar, and the ghost of a 13-year-old girl, thought to have been murdered in the basement, has appeared in the second floor bedroom. Owners Doug and Sharon Truhill have reported a number of other unusual manifestations, including moving chandeliers and the presence of an ‘angry spirit’ that breaks glasses” stated from Haunted Nevada a paranormal investigation crew in Nevada. That is just one of the many haunted locations that are located throughout northern Nevada. Many people located throughout America wonder, do ghosts really exist in our world today? Reality is; they do exist in our world today. There are many television shows based on true ghosts’ stories, ghosts’ hunters, and there are even tours of haunted places. The major sub topics that many people are controversial on are do ghosts really haunt houses and places, personal experiences, and expert opinions. But the truth is most people don’t believe in ghosts and spirits until they have an actual experience themselves.Do ghosts and spirits really haunt houses and locations in our world today? That is a question many people wonder in today’s society. Well, after conducting some extensive research I have learned that ghosts and spirits do haunt houses, but many experts believe they only haunt houses that have a special meaning to them weather it is their death place or a old place they use to live in. A quote from a ghost hunter expert who is based in California states, “Ghosts tend to haunt places where they died as a result from a miserable death or anything to that effect.” For example, there are many haunted places on Oahu and many believe that Aiea…

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