dating abuse

Abuse is defined as to treat in a harmful, injurious, or offensive way whether it is physical, sexual, emotional or verbal. Verbal abuse is the main abuse that will be talked about in this essay. Verbal abuse is the type of abuse that is overlooked and not looked at as a serious issue. Verbal abuse is worse or just as bad as physical abuse. “More than 1 in 4 teenage girls in a relationship (26%) report enduring repeated verbal abuse” (Abuse Statistics). Verbal abuse has the possibility of showing up in all types of relationships and at all ages. Since verbal abuse is another type of abuse most woman try to hide it and not talk about what is going on in their relationship, just like most victims of physical abuse. “Women who suffer from emotional or verbal abuse are even less likely to report their condition in studies” (Adam). Yelling, being called names, put down are all types of verbal abuse. Trish, a freshman girl in college was a victim of verbal abuse. She meant a handsome man and everything was great at first, then everything turned she said the man started verbally abusing her with statements such as, “Are you seriously passing up salad for pizza? You know you’re going to gain the freshman 15, if not 50, if you keep that up.” (Trish). Trish after talking with friends and family she finally broke up with him. The man tried everything to get back with her and went as far as threating to kill her if she did not get back with him. The college ended up getting involved and the man had to sign a paper saying he would not contact her anymore. Trish is now married and is verbal abuse free. Victims of verbal abuse are always looked over because they do not have physical marks on the outside, but its just as serious and can have just as much effect on someone as physical, sexual, emotional abuse! As shown in the visual the mans hand is coming out of his month and grabbing the woman face, the visual is showing that words can have just as much power…

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