Cone crusher wear parts wear what are the implications

Cone crusher used in metallurgy , construction, road building , chemical and silicate industry crushing of raw materials, can be crushing medium and medium hardness ores and rocks above , users are aware of this point , the next Zhengzhou YiFan machinery to introduce you to the cone crusher wear parts will wear what impact .
First, the effects of wear and tear on cavity crusher cone crusher
(1)the maximum wear the cone parallel to the entrance ;
(2)the amount of wear on the wear and tear than the entire cavity parallel to a large area ;
Consequences : the vulnerability of these will lead to a lot of wear cavity shape change , or even the loss of the prototype, crushing effect crusher severely affected.
Second, the spindle and the taper bushing wear
(1)If the lower spindle taper bushing wear and more serious , do not wear no serious extent , then moving cone instability phenomenon will produce mild , resulting cone crusher not work properly ;
(2)Once the lower end of the spindle and the taper bushing local contact phenomena occur , what it will lead to damage to the cone bushing cracking phenomenon .
Third, the frame and the spherical bearing wear
Generally , the wear by the spherical outer tile gradually developed into the inner process. Late , it will cause a moving cone instability , leading to the spindle card at the mouth cone bush , leading to its damage , severe cases will produce cone crusher coaster phenomenon.
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