concordia cemetery

Profile a Place Essay
Dominant Rhetorical Modes: Analysis, Classification, Analytical Definition, Process Analysis.Objective: The purpose of this assignment is to exercise the ability to analyze, to synthesize, and express the analysis and synthesis in a meaningful essay that has the potential to be significant to some audience. Assignment: Identify a place in the region, from the list below, that you can visit right now. There may a place on the list that you have been meaning to visit, yet have never taken the time to check it out. This assignment is the perfect excuse to go in there. Examine the place you are going to profile. Observe how people use the place. Interview someone there. Talk to an employee. Keep notes. Use the invention heuristic to discover what you believe to be true about his place. Identify a dominant impression the place makes upon you. Write an essay that communicates this truth by profiling the place. The dominant impression this place made on you, the idea you think is true should be discussed in the conclusion and be meaningful to an identifiable, adult reader. The body of the essay should point to different thumb-nail sketches of this place and give specific details about what is happening in those sketches during specific observations. These details should suggest or be consistent with the dominant impression with which you conclude your essay. It should be filled with observations about what is happening at the time of the observation. It is written in a way to shape an interpretation consistent with your dominant impression. The introduction should in some way launch us to the place you are profiling. It is best when the introduction reveals why you would be motivated to profile your subject. Here can be included some limited history of the place. All sources should be cited MLA style. Approved List of Places to Profile:Hueco Tanks State Park
Concordia Cemetery
The City of El…

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