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COM 155 Week 1 DQS

COM 155 Week 1 Assignment Sentence Structure Review- Appendix B

COM 155 Week 2 Assignment: Verb Practice

COM 155 Week 2 DQs

COM 155 Week 3 DQs

COM 155 Week 3 Assignment Identifying Errors in Writing- Appendix D

COM 155 Week 4 Assignment: Sentence Correction and Changes in Writing

COM 155 Week 4 DQs

COM 155 Week 5 Assignment: Pronoun Practice

COM 155 Week 5 DQs

COM 155 Week 6 Assignment: Review – Adjectives, Adverbs, and Comparisons

COM 155 Week 6 DQs

COM 155 Week 7 Assignment: Paragraphs and Topic Sentences

COM 155 Week 7 DQs

COM 155 Week 8 Assignment: Summary, Analysis, Synthesis, and Evaluation

COM 155 Week 8 DQs

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Tutorial Purchased: 3 Times, Rating: A+Discussion Questions
How might a potential employer evaluate your writing if you did not use proper verb tenses? WhyIdentify the five trouble spots located on pp. 436–446 to help avoid making mistakes in subject-verb agreement. Which mistake do you think is the worst? WhyThis week, we discussed verb usage by focusing on subject–verb agreement and verb tenses. Based on the grammar apply section of MyWritingLab, what lessons have you learned that will change the way you write in the futureWhat is the definition of subject–verb agreement? Provide one example of how to avoid making mistakes in verb tense and explain why this information will help your writing skills.
What are the definitions of the past progressive and future progressive tenses? Write two sentences about family financial goals using the past progressive and future progressive tenses…

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