Cold war

Janell Cold War Essay
World Cultures Nov. 21 2013 The Cold War was a drastic period in time. The Cold War was a feud between the USSR Soviet Union and the United States. It was called the Cold War because for the most part of the war both sides just spied on each other. One of the main questions asked backed then, and still asked now is “Who started the Cold War?” Some say the United States started it, some say the Soviet Union was to blame. I say the United States was to blame for the Cold War.
In document one, the excerpt from Winston Churchill’s speech “Iron Curtain” talks about the Soviets, and their “spheres of influence.” The Soviets tried to influence Europe to be under the USSR’s control, because both Europe and the Soviet Union practiced Communism. America thought this was a bad idea and tried to get involved, which I believe was a stupid idea, because what is happening in the Soviet Union has nothing to do with what is in the United States.
In document eight, the chart shows strategic bombers between 1945 and 2002. The United States started the bombing in 1945. The Soviets didn’t start bombing until ten years after in 1955! Even then the Soviets didn’t go over 200 bombers. The United States, on the other hand had slightly over 1,600 before 1960. The United States used too much military force during supposedly “cold” war. In document nine the United States even had more warheads than the Soviets.
In documents 7, Stalin’s Election Speech, he explains that capitalism is partially why the Second World War happened and why the two capitalist world split into two hostile camps. So Stalin blamed capitalism for WWII because the United States practices capitalism.
In conclusion, the United States was at most…

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