CIS 207 week 2 paper

Information in today’s society is power. Information is knowledge, is power that is collected through different ways and put in a database for viewing. This paper will go over information and how it is used in a company, how we use information how information is safe guarded to protect clients and the employees.
Information is what makes any good organization or company in today’s world; it makes an organization or company successful, accurate, and proficient in a competitive market. Knowledge is power and without information then a company is powerless the company will not understand their customers, what needs they need to cater to their clients or customers, and cannot follow up with the customer after his or hers needs are satisfied. I will be talking about a scale company I work for and how they function. Also I will be going over what information we keep and how it is used in everyday business.
You have to make sure you are not asking your customer too much information or you could make them feel uncomfortable and could lose business, but enough that you are not crippling your business by losing your power of information. We have different levels of organizations in my company. We have 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, and yearly clients with service calls in-between. To make sure we are able to contact them we keep an account file with all of their information: Name of company, name of contact, phone number, email address, physical address, type of job, billing info, and banking information.
There is a lot of information that we collect to be able to do our jobs and keep steady business. At my company to lessen the amount of people looking at this data to make it more secure we only have three people that look at all of it at one time secretary, who is in charge of all of the billing, company manager, and technician manager, who both share the load on contacting and setting up jobs for the rest of the technicians to do. We need to be able to know…

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