chapter 9 slides

Reform Efforts formed the progressive movement. The progressive movement was aimed to restore economic opportunities and correct injustices in American life. Reformers shared at least one of the four main goals of progressivisim although they never completely agreed on problems and solutions. Protecting Social welfare, promoting moral support, creating economic reform, and fostering efficiency were the four goals aimed to restore America. Cities were impacted by the new industrial age. Women in the work force
Married middle class women were generally expected to devote their time to care for their homes and families before the civil war. As a result of social and economic change many women entered public life as worker in reformers by the late 19t century. W omen’s role on the farm hadn’t changed as far as household task, often the women had to help plow and plant the fields and harvest the crops. In the city women began to fill new jobs in offices, stores ,and classrooms which required a high school education. Women Lead reformer
Female industrial workers pushed for reformer as dangerous conditions,low wages, and long hours became an issue. Clubs that discussed art or literature were nearly half a million strong which grew into reform groups that addressed issues such as temperance or child labor. Although women were still expected to fulfill traditional domestic roles woman’s colleges sought to grant women an excellent education. Marriage was no longer a woman’s only alternative. Women in Action
Educated women participation often strengthened existing reform groups and provided leadership for new ones. At this point women weren’t allowed to vote or run for office so they aimed to improve conditions at work and home. The National Association of Colored Women founded in 1896 identified by Josephine. The NACW managed nurseries , reading rooms, and kindergartens. Equal rights were granted which included the right to vote to African American…

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