Causes of the Revolutionary War

The American Revolution, which began in 1775, was a battle of independence for the new 13 colonies established in America against Great Britain. The British colonies were established in the seventeenth and eighteenth century. Each developed its own system of government based on economic advantages and religion. There is not one single event that led the colonies into the American Revolution, but rather a cause and effect by being bullied for over a long period of time. The new settlers in America felt that they merited all the rights and freedoms that a man in Great Britain would receive. However, the British Parliament claimed that the colonies were created so that their resources and capital could be utilized exclusively by and for England.
Due to the England’s tremendous loss of resources and wealth from the French and Indian war, Great Britain needed some extra principal to make up for their debt acquired. This is when Great Britain looked to the thirteen colonies to liberate their debt. The British Parliament enforced the Sugar Act (1764) that raised revenue by increasing taxes on sugar imported from the West Indies. The Stamp Act (1776) placed taxes on all printed materials and legal documents, and the Townshend Act (1767) taxed all imported English items such as paint and tea. The Intolerable Acts placed many restrictions and regulations on colonists due to rebelling settlers dumping tea overboard in the Boston Harbor- known as the Boston Tea Party. Many other protests occurred against these policies including First Continental Congress creating ‘The Association,” demanding a total boycott of British goods. Other protests were extremely violent such as Boston Massacre where colonists and British soldiers battled in Boston. This event considered an example of British brutality despite how the event actually occurred. As these events and policies continued to take place, the colonists began to acquire negative view of Great Britain and took…

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