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Date: May 8, 2014
Course: Management of Technology ResourcesIntroductionIn this case study we see the MSCC go from a small simple entity to a larger complex one. Leon Lassiter was brought in as Vice president of Marketing and Membership, and he was brought in to look into the current setup of MSCC. Lassiter developed an entirely new sales and marketing process and with that Lassiter did determine that within time the MSCC would need a new information’s systems in order to meet the needs of the employees and to continue bringing in revenue.
BackgroundThe MSCC was originally setup with 1011 workstations each was equipped only to perform particular functions so that no one person could access all the data to operate the marketing and sales activities of the MSCC. This setup worked for a while till Wilson and Lassiter realized that there were more revenue producing opportunities, but would need more information systems support. With this information they decided to hire on a full time systems analyst who was Simon Kovecki.
In 2005 changes to the organizations structures had to take place and Hedges who had no computer knowledge was placed in charge of informations systems. This made Kovecki concerned because Hedges did not have the knowledge and did not have the time to devote to the department. In order to ease the concerns of Kovecki, Lassiter believed that getting a new information system would solve these issues freeing up more time for Kovecki.
Lassiter grew the MSCC financial reserve from 250,000 to 2.8 Million and with that he was able to convince the board that this was worth spending the money on and including in his proposal that each territory manager would be able to increase sales of 150,000 by being able to handle more contracts. Lassiter also ignored the advice of Kovecki when he stated that he didn’t like that the software gave staff uncontrolled access to a lot of data. Once…

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