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Executive MBA Program
Entrepreneurship and Small Business ManagementBusiness Plan for
Synergy TeamTable of Contents
1. 1 Executive Summary:
2. This is the Business Proposal for Setting up an Authentic Swahili Restaurant at Al Rigga Road in Dubai. “Moto Moto” the Swahili Restaurant will be a new medium-sized restaurant located in the trendy eat out neighborhood of Al Rigga, Dubai. The Restaurant will have a Swahili Cultural Theme and a mixed seating layout to cater for 100 People. We are introducing a unique ‘cross menu’ Serving Swahili Food and Other Cuisines that have ties to Swahili Cuisine. The restaurant will provide dine-inn, take away and catering services. There will be an effort to evangelize and create a brand identity for Swahili Cuisine.
3. The Service
4. Moto offers Dubai a trendy, fun place to have great food in a social environment. We are partnering with the world renowned Swahili Chef – Fauzia Afif. Chef Afif has a large repertoire of Swahili ingredients and recipes. Swahili ethnic recipes will be used to provide the customers with a diverse, unique menu. Chef Afif and team will also be emphasizing healthy dishes, recognizing the trend within the restaurant industry for the demand for healthy cuisine. Moto Moto will be serving regular A la Carte Menu that includes the famous Swahili Mishkaki Barbeque and will also have Lunch and Dinner Buffet every Friday and Saturday.
5. The Market
6. Moto Moto will be targeting Swahili and Non Swahili speaking customers in Dubai. Based on demographic patterns, our main target customers will be to cater for the large Dubai based Swahili residents and tourists. To ensure the restaurant sustainability and popularize the Swahili gastronomy, we will aggressively target the Non Swahili customers that include UAE Nationals, expatriate and tourist. Our focus is to have 60 % Swahili based customers and 40 % Non-Swahili based customers. The vision is to evangelize and create a…

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